1. What does the Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation do?
  • Funds promising medical research and clinical trials that may lack mainstream funding.
  • Supports patients and their carers, both during and after treatment.
  • Helps nurses improve their skills and knowledge through scholarships.

For more information, read  About Us

  1. Where can I get more information about bone marrow transplants?

Information specific to your personal situation should come from your doctor.

For general disease information, visit Patient Information

  1. Where do donations go?

With just two part-time staff and a voluntary board of directors, Arrow keeps operational costs to a minimum and aims to ensure that the highest possible proportion of funds are directed to medical research and patient support initiatives.

Refer to Arrow’s annual financial reports for more information.

  1. Are donations to Arrow tax deductible?

Yes! We are a registered charity and your donation is tax deductible.

  1. Does Arrow receive Government support?

No. Arrow does not receive any government funding and relies on the generosity of its supporters.

  1. Does Arrow support overseas patients?

No. Arrow is an Australian charity that supports bone marrow transplant patients nationwide.

  1. Does Arrow support patients with diseases other than leukaemia?

Yes! Arrow supports all patients who undergo a bone marrow or stem cell transplant.

The Tracey Scone Wig Library is open to all cancer patients experiencing hair loss through chemotherapy.

  1. What does Arrow do with my personal information?

Arrow may receive personal information from social workers, donation forms, Tracey Scone Wig Library patient information forms and other sources. Arrow may use your information for the purpose of provision of our services, data processing, receipting of donations and to keep you informed of our programs and services. Your private information is not sold or made available to any third parties.

Please refer to Arrow’s Privacy Policy