Financial Support

Serious illness can put you and your family under financial strain. We want you to be able to focus on getting through your treatment and recovery. To help you through this difficult time, we offer emergency financial assistance such as petrol cards, grocery cards and help with utility bills.

Please contact your social worker for more information.

Travel Assistance

Treatment for a serious illness can mean endless trips to and from hospital – and travel always comes at a cost. When you’re already dealing with the challenges of treatment and recovery, the last thing you need is to be worrying about how you’ll pay for your petrol or travel costs.

We can help. If you’re living with financial hardship during or after your transplant and need support with your travel costs, ask your social worker to contact us.

Arrow House

Arrow House provides a comfortable home away from home. It is a convenient base for the families and carers of patients who come from regional areas or interstate for bone marrow transplant treatment at St Vincent’s Hospital in Darlinghurst.

If you’re going through a bone marrow transplant, we know how important it is to have your loved ones nearby, to support you through your treatment and recovery. But accommodation close to the hospital can all too quickly become a serious financial burden.

In 2004, together with the support of the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic and the family and friends of Katherine Robertson, Arrow raised funds to renovate and refurbish two terrace houses conveniently located just behind one of Sydney’s major transplant centres St Vincent’s Hospital.

If you are having a transplant at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney and require assistance with accommodation please contact your social worker and enquire about Arrow House.

Gift of Friendship

We support transplant patients and their families in many practical ways – but sometimes what’s even more important is having someone to talk to who understands. After recovering from two bone marrow transplants in 2001 and 2003, Arrow director Colleena Presnell decided to help other patients through their journey by offering the Gift of Friendship.

Fellow Arrow former director Kerry Moran was inspired by Colleena’s thoughtfulness and soon joined her in her weekly visits to haematology patients. Colleena and Kerry visit patients at St Vincent’s Hospital every Thursday to simply talk, listen and give them much-needed emotional support.

Gifts of Friendship also produce a podcast sharing stories, advice, and discussing with doctors, nurses, clinicians and patients about their various journeys. You can listen to their regular podcasts here:

Gift of Friendship Podcast Episodes

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