Patient support program doubles this year with support from the Liverpool Catholic Club

January 23, 2023
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Our attendance at the recent BLOOD Conference was a runaway success.

How do we know?

Because since then, we have built new relationships with many social workers across several new hospitals, and the number of families who have asked us for financial assistance has doubled. What a terrific outcome! A doubling of the number of requests means, though, that we either have to reduce the amount of help we give each family (not a terrific outcome) or we have to double the amount of funding available for the program.

We chose to explore the second path.

Knowing how generous they have been in supporting our research programs, we approached the Liverpool Catholic Club to see if they could help.

And help they did! The Liverpool Catholic Club kindly decided to fund the whole of our additional funding needs for the patient support program, to the tune of $72 000.

Thank you Liverpool Catholic Club!

What does our patient support program do?

Bone marrow transplant recipients are often in hospital for extended periods of time after their transplant, and if they’re not in hospital, they need to be close to the hospital for follow up tests and visits. Often they require re-admission to hospital for ongoing post transplant care. This means that people are travelling a lot, or they’re living out of home and are effectively running two households: one at home where part of the family is, and another household close to the hospital.

And all of that costs money.

These increases in living expenses for bone marrow transplant patients and their families come at a time of reduced capacity to earn.

And that’s where Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation comes in. Social workers contact us on behalf of the patients they’re caring for and ask us for help: help in the form of grocery and fuel cards, help paying for accommodation, or phone and other utility bills.

And we say yes as much as we possibly can.

Thanks to the generous support of the Liverpool Catholic Club we can say yes twice as much this year and help even more people who need a bone marrow transplant.

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