‘When people see me, they think it’s me’: Carolyn shares her wig library experience

September 20, 2018
Personal Stories

For most patents, hair loss associated with chemotherapy is only temporary. Carolyn Jenkins is one of the few who lives with permanent hair loss as a side-effect of her treatment. When her friend recommended that she visit the Tracey Scone Wig Library, she hadn’t expected to find such a wide of colours and styles that so closely match the hair she once had.

Carolyn said “It’s improved my life no end. I can go out into the world and feel normal. Even though I don’t have breast cancer anymore, the person I see when I look in the mirror still looks ill, and that can make it hard to move on. The wig has helped me to move on because it makes me look the way I feel now. It gives me so much more confidence and I don’t know what I’d do without it.”

The Tracey Scone Wig Library is a patient support service of Arrow and is available free of charge to any cancer patient experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy.

A big thank you to Tour de Cure for their ongoing sponsorship of the Tracey Scone Wig Library and their $12,000 donation in 2018.