Record donation of $1 million to Arrow for Stem Cell Transplantation research

August 10, 2018
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Arrow is pleased to announce that Vicki and Michael Quigley have donated $1 million to Arrow to support the research work of Professor David Ma, Department of Haematology and Bone Marrow Transplant, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney.

When Arrow was established 30 years ago, bone marrow transplants were only suitable for a limited numbers of patients diagnosed with Leukaemia. Today, thanks to advances in medical research, more patients with potentially fatal diseases have a much greater chance of cure.

In 2010, Mr Quigley also donated $2 million, being his first year’s salary as the CEO of NBN Co, to Neuroscience Research Australia to support research into neurological diseases.

In making this donation to The Arrow Foundation, Mr Quigley said; “My wife and I are pleased to be able to make this donation and hope that it may be used to further the research of Prof. Ma and his team which is focused on diseases treatable by blood and marrow (BM) stem cell transplantation. Not only have my wife and I directly benefited from previous research efforts in this field but we also understand that there is a growing number of very serious diseases for which this type of transplant may prove to be a very effective treatment.”

Prof. David Ma said “It is an honour that the Quigley family is providing this generous donation to support my research aiming to improve the life of patients diagnosed with leukaemia and other life-threatening diseases that are potentially treatable with BM stem cell transplantation.

This donation will allow me to expand my research and to employ skilful researchers to use state of the art technology to fast track innovative research into better patient treatments.”

Mark O’Hara, Chairman of the Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation said, “Survival rates for bone marrow transplant patients have improved because of medical research and this significant donation will enable Professor David Ma and his team to continue their work towards better outcomes for future transplant patients. Vicki and Michael Quigley have been generous supporters of medical research for many years and I thank them for this tremendous gift.”

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