The Good News

June 23, 2017
Personal Stories

I have a wife and 2 young boys, a wonderful family and a very close network of friends and work colleagues who have been incredibly supportive through this entire ordeal and with what can only be described as a miraculous recovery are very proud to have their husband, father, friend and colleague back.

I am more than happy to share my story as someone who has successfully been through the “procedure” and talk about the importance of getting people to register as a donor so that other sufferers, like me, can be saved. Following my transplant I had my 40th Birthday and had a day of celebration with all of my family and friends as for me – life really has (re)started at 40.

My sincere thanks to the dedicated team of doctors and nurses at St Vincent’s and Prince of Wales Hospitals for whom without I would not have been able to tell this story.

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