Woolworths supports families in crisis with $30,000 of grocery cards

September 20, 2018
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So far this year, Arrow has supported more than 40 transplant patients and their families with grocery expenses. To help us provide this valuable support, Woolworths is now partnering with us and has generously donated $30,000 in Woolworths Gift Cards.

When a child is diagnosed with blood cancer or disease that requires a bone marrow transplant it changes everything. A parent or family member often needs to cease work to become a full-time carer, making it difficult to cope with everyday living costs such as groceries.

Arrow CEO, Robyn Flood, said that financial pressure adds to the emotional distress experienced by families during the treatment process. “We are experiencing a growing number of requests for financial assistance and this support from Woolworths enables us to help many more families when they need it most.”

Danielle Bourke, a welfare worker at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital (LCCH) in Queensland said “Financial support is a huge practical help to Oncology/BMT families here at LCCH.  At a time when families are thrown into an unexpected situation, needing to seek urgent medical treatment for their child and having to take time away from their usual work, business or regular home life. Many financially impacted families need help with things such as putting food on the table.  Often bills are already set up as direct debits and we commonly fall back on applying for food vouchers for families in need.

Due to the length of inpatient stays for bone marrow transplant patients, a parent always needs to be present, and modified patient diets often increase the family’s food budget. Many of the families we support are impacted by costs such as parking, public transport, travel costs (outside of state travel subsidies such as PTSS), extra food costs as a result of running two households (home and hospital), daycare costs for siblings and medication. While charity assistance will never replace the loss of income that families often face, it does provide highly needed assistance for families at a time of crisis.”

Thank you Woolworths for so generously donating $30,000 worth of grocery cards in support of bone marrow transplant patients and their families and carers.

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