The Allan Frenkel Foundation supports patients and carers with $42,000 donation

September 30, 2019
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The Allan Frenkel Foundation has brought comfort to patients and their carers in their time of need by funding vital support services for over two decades. Over the past 21 years, the Foundation has supported a clinical trial for PUVA wands to alleviate pain from mouth ulceration, contributed to the new bone marrow transplant ward at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, and helped with emergency living expenses for patients and carers throughout treatment.

This year, the Allan Frenkel Foundation presented Arr

ow with $42,000! Arrow CEO, Robyn Flood, said: “The generous gift will fund our patient support services program enabling us to provide patients with grocery cards, petrol cards and payment of their utility bills. This program assists patients and carers experiencing severe financial difficulty as a result of loss of income during the transplant process. We are sincerely grateful to the Allan Frenkel Foundation for their tremendous support of patients and their carers over many years.”

Hear from one of our social workers how important this support is for patients and carers.

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