Not your boring everyday snail mail – Thank you card from a paediatric bone marrow transplant recipient

October 28, 2022
Patient Stories
Paediatric cancer patient lying in hospital bed with nasal tube and blood pressure cuff

Bills. Rates notices. Junk mail.

That’s the kind of mail we all deal with every day.

This, though. THIS is not your everyday kind of mail, and it’s the kind of mail we love here at Arrow.

This is the card that Raf sent.

Thank you card with child's writing in blue, and adult's writing in black biro. Card reads 'thank you' and describes the paediatric bone marrow transplant treatment this young boy received.

Raf is seven, a paediatric bone marrow transplant recipient, and has recently had not one, but two bone marrow transplants. He’s doing well, and looking as strong as Thor in his post transplant recovery phase.

Raf and his family said thank you to us, the Arrow team. What you need to know is that that team is actually you.

YOU, our supporters, our donors, our fundraisers… you did this for Raf and his family. The Arrow team is just the conduit through which your help passes.

So, this lovely piece of not-so-mundane snail mail is actually meant for you.

We here at Arrow, and the families like Raf’s who we help, appreciate each and every one of you.

And just like you we are so pleased to hear Raf is doing well – what a superhero!

Note from a paediatric bone marrow transplant recipient. Sticker of Thor and hand-written text that reads: From Raf, as he is mighty and strong


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