Lymphoma Awareness Day

September 15, 2023
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Lymphoma Awareness Day: Suzie Flynn and Stacey Koschel from St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney attending the Lymphoma Australia Conference in Brisbane, 2023.

September 15th is Lymphoma Awareness Day. Earlier this year we awarded funding through the Shaun Rosen Scholarship to Stacey Koschel and Suzie Flynn from St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney to attend the Lymphoma Australia Health Professional Conference on the Gold Coast.

The conference gave Stacey & Suzie opportunities to meet with doctors and other nurses from across the country, all with an interest in improving treatment for lymphoma patients.

Here is a summary of the conference experience in their own words:

Collage of images from Stacey & Suzie's time at the Lymphoma Conference in Brisbane 2023Day 1

Day one started by checking in to the conference and receiving our goodie bags, after finding our seat for the day we got comfortable to listen to nine different talks ranging from the language we use in cancer care to palliative care to specialised Lymphoma talks.

The other presentation that stood out on day 1 was the “the AYA (adolescent/young adult) patient”. This talk opened our minds to look beyond basic practice and take an individualised approach to each and every person having a lymphoma treatment. The clinical psychologist that spoke gave us simple techniques to use while guiding patients with treatment.

The highlight for both of us on this day was the speaker that spoke of “the power of language”. This resonated with both of us as the skills and knowledge gained form this amazing talk will empower us to use these tools in the way we educate and communicate with newly diagnosed cancer patients.

Day 2

Day two involved another early start with another 10 speakers. The stand out talks on this day for us were “the patient experience” and “the VAD” voluntary assisted dying speakers. These talks were full of emotion and had a room of 250 people crying and laughing. It also educated us on what not to do and how to approach hard subjects that people don’t normally like to talk about openly.

The location, the conference, the networking dinner and the accommodation were amazing and we feel we were very lucky to be able to experience this.

Without the Shaun Rosen Arrow nursing education scholarship, none of this would have been possible.

We are very grateful for the opportunity and are now able to present some of the new knowledge with our colleagues in a ‘Lymphoma in the Limelight’ series we will be doing for Lymphoma awareness month in September. Overall the conference highlighted for us the importance of the work we do and the effects it has on the people we encounter.